League of Legends All Random Ultra Rapid Fire

League of Legends ARURF mode will only be available for a few more days, personally I love this game mode but always seem to be late to the party. THe game mode will only be available for another few days, so if you’re like me and have only just found out about this, make sure you get in there quick!

The game mode has been away for so long, and only came back into the rotation on August 11th. Usually the game mode is only available for the weekend, suprisingly it’s been available to play for two whole weeks… somehow I’m still late.

The last time ARURF was available was in April which seems such a long time, and prior to this it was available late February and early March. A lot of players believe Ultra Rapid Fire is the best, however they’re more than happy to accept any variant of the game mode such as ARURF. I don’t like having a champion I haven’t played for quite a long time, sometimes due to the fast paced nature you can be blessed with someone like Katarina, or be stitched up with a champion like Sona. I suppose one of the things that make ARURF great is the randomness of the champion, and it truely doesn’t matter who wins but get stuck in regardless.

Many people are asking where the traditional Ultra Rapid Fire is, since it’s last appearance has been quite some months. My theory is Riot are testing different exclusive game modes behind the scenes, and are seeing what peoples reaction to the change in pace is. I’m all for it but I would still like to be playing traditional Ultra Rapid Fire. What do you think?

If you didn’t know, Ultra Rapid Fire is a game mode in League of Legends where your cooldowns are reduced by 80%. So most people get on lane and start unleashing the maximum amount of abilities on their opponents as they can until someone wins. It’s a nice change in pace, as the normal tactics in game kind of go out the window, and can make some champions like Urgot go from the underdog to a powerhouse.

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire is a combination of ARAM and URF. Your champion is randomly assigned to you, and you get 1 reroll per 5 games played (just in case you didn’t like your pick). You then play on a one laned map, in a 5v5. The game isn’t as strategy based as rush based. If your team gets aced, you are very weak and can have a lot of towers taken down especially in ARAM. Another thing worth mentioning, is you can’t use the shop after you leave your spawn, and can only re-use it when you die, so you need to be prepared for battle before you run away from the shop as you can’t buy items or heal!