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Hello readers – welcome back to my blog. I appologise for the lack of recent posts, had a few things in my personal life I’ve had to attend to but I’m back now! Hopefully this post today will be useful for you, I decided to put in a bit of research for an extra long post with some juicy information to make up for the defecit, so stay posted!

I was reading some other League of Legends blogs, and looking at some related posts on Facebook and Reddit when I came accross a potentially working free rp method. I’ll go into more detail later on in the post, but it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to complete the steps, and best of all there are no downloads or passwords to enter (I’d never want to give away my account information either). I should also mention, that although this has worked for me multiple times – I didn’t make this and can’t make any guarantees on the effect of your account. I’ve used this for a few days, as I feel by publishing this the reputation of my (small) blog is on the line – but please take extra precautions when using this site. There are no account passwords or security questions to input, just your username and region of your account. From this information I can’t see how it would be possible to steal your account, so please don’t come back here and say your account got banned/hacked because of me!

I’m sure if you stuck around, you’re ready for me to get into this immediately! If so, you can get your free RP by clicking the link which will open in a new tab. Wait until the page loads, and you will be presented with a wall of text basically telling you about the features offered and how it works. I’ll explain the points you need to know below, as there is a lot of information on that page which I don’t think you need to read. Once the page has loaded, click the Gold “Generate” button on screen, which will open another page in a new tab. Once this page had loaded, you will notice a section to enter your summoner name – this is the name you use to login to the League of Legends client. Enter your summoner name, the Region your account is associated with – be sure to click the white circle and not the text otherwise it wont select. Go ahead and click “Confirm” – once you’ve completed this, a bar will appear below allowing you to select the amount of Riot Points to be applied to your account. I have selected the max (1500 RP) with no problems so far. Then click the red “Generate” button to continue. You’ll see some stuff happening on screen, if you see this everything is working okay and you’ll soon have your RP!

Once this step has completed, you’ll need to verify that you are human. This didn’t happen with me initially, but I think after it got popular people were selling RP for a discounted price on Facebook and Twitter especially. It only takes a few to ruin it for us all! It was only a small task I had to complete, it’s probably different for everyone but shouldn’t take 30 seconds. Once this has completed, you will see “Congratulations” on screen which means everything has worked perfectly. If you’re game client is open, give it a restart and you’ll see your RP – if not launch the game client now and you will see your Riot Points in your account immediately. How cool is that?

I would suggest not using this excessively, I’ve only done it 3-4 times per day so far with no problems but I’m not sure how carefully Riot watch over RP balances. I’d take the approach you’re getting something for nothing, so take it steady. It takes ages to build up accounts, but not a lot of time to destroy them… don’t say you haven’t been warned! I hope you like the share.

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